Monday, June 6, 2011

DIY Lens Baby

I have been wanting to make a DIY Lens Baby for a while.   I found an article on the internet that provides information on how to build it.  Actually there are quite a few articles out there on how to build this but the one I've followed on my this project is from this URL

The main material I've used in this project are:
* a Bronica Zenaznon-EII 75mm f2.8 (I got this from ebay)
* a M42 to EOS mount (to fit to my Canon camera body)
* M42 extension tube

* Cable Ties* Car Velocity Joint Boot

The instruction that I have followed has talked about the removing of the focusing ring off the lens.  However,  the Joint Boot that I've found happened to fit exactly on the end of this lens so I didn't remove the focusing ring off my lens.

I have to cut one end of the Joint Boot to shorten it's lens in order for me to be able to get the lens to a focusable distance.

I use cable ties to secure one end of the Joint Boot to the M42-EOS adapter (to fit my Canon camera)

I trimmed off the extra bit of the cable tie. 

The below shows how the finished lens fitted onto my camera.

Below are a few shots taken by this lens on a Canon 5D camera.  Manual focus (obviously) and taken in Manual mode.  I find the focusing very challenging



Good luck if you wish to attempt this project, it's not that hard.  Should you have any query, please feel free to contact me at :


  1. hi I would love to do this!!
    I have cv boots.. and old 28-80 lens
    all I need is the mount and tubes... I'm a little confused here...
    attach the boot to the lens
    ao I attach the tube to the mount, and then the tube goes inside the cv boot with the mount on the outside to attach to the camera... is that right?

  2. One end of the tube is attached to the lens, the other end of the tube is attached to the the M42-to-EOS Adapter. The adapter is the one allows you to attach the whole thing to the camera body. Hope that helps.

    My email is : Please feel free to write if you have any question.