Friday, December 30, 2011

Michelle & Jeuss

Michelle & Jeuss is such lovely and easy going couple.  Congratulations Mrs & Mr Polandaya, all the best!! : )


  1. Nice pictures Jay!!! You never told me you already got married, todo secret ka pa ha! never had the chance tuloy to congratulate you! Anyways, Congratulations!!! (better late than never :-)) Wishing both of you a happy marriage!

  2. Hi Mr. Photographer! Would you please do me a favor??? I wasn't able to contact Jeuss Polandaya on his cel, facebook, email even on his YM. I'm emailing and sending him YM messages but he still don't reply. I'm a friend of his since '98. Would you mind telling him my congratulatory greetings? Thank you sir! Nice photo op of the wedding!

  3. Hi Danawells,

    Done, I've passed on your message. Thanks : )

    Warm regards,
    David Diep